Looking for a support network?

Hoping to deepen your involvement at The Vale?

These resources are here to help you do just that.



Church Business Directory

For more information, or to sign up for this directory click here.

Bible reading plan

If you would like to read the Bible along with our church through 2017, you can download a PDF of the Bible Reading Plan below.


Events Calendar

Our Events Calendar will help you keep track of the latest church events and special gatherings so you don't miss a thing.


Family Meals

Every Wednesday night we provide an inexpensive Family Meal for those who are on campus for our many mid-week activities.  It has grown into a beautiful time of fellowship and lively conversation.  Stay up to date on our weekly menu here.



Bible Fellowship Groups

Bible Fellowship Groups (or BFGs) are our Sunday Morning Bible Study Classes.  They are a great way to get plugged into a community of believers.  Use this link to search for the class that's right for you.

Download Brochure PDF



There are endless opportunities to serve here at The Vale.  We encourage our members to do more than just sit and soak it all in; we want everyone to get involved and help out where they can!  Visit the Serving Page and take the time to fill out the Volunteer Form to find out where you can jump in and serve.



Everyone needs a little help now and then.  Our Benevolence and Support Groups are there to provide much-needed assistance - whether financial or emotional.  Our desire is to show the love of God to our neighbors and bring people back to a place of health and security whenever we can.