The Vale Bible Fellowship classes exist to create community and service opportunities. By studying the scriptures together and accepting various ministry opportunities, these groups allow believers to grow in their faith toward a more discipled life and walk with Christ.

For our curriculum here at The Vale, we use THE GOSPEL PROJECT, a Christ-Centered Chronological Bible Study for All Ages.  Each week you can expect:

There is always a place for everyone, from the newborn baby to the senior adult.  If you are interested in Christ-like fellowship and Biblical teaching, this is the place for you.  Bible Fellowship Groups are now offered at one hour, 9:00am.  The Children and Student Bible Fellowship Group locations are listed below the Adult locations in the table below.  For help in your weekly preparation, see the BFG Weekly Schedule. Need help finding the classroom? See the Campus Map Here.

If you have any questions about Bible Fellowship Groups, please contact Mickey Henderson, Pastor of Spiritual Development.

Bible Fellowship Groups
room numberclass nameteacherAge
A101 Hallelujah Morrill 60's-70's
A102 Gospel Project Brown 20's-30's
A103 Faith Spearman 50's-60's
A104 Soul Searchers Brecheen 50's-60's
A105 Joint Heirs Pool 60's-70's
A106 Fusion Pruitt 50's-60's
B110 Seekers Kempainen 50's-60's
B111 P.U.S.H. Canterbury 60's-70's (Women)
B201 C.O.P. Landers 40's-50's
B203 Kindred Spirits Mathews/Raymond 50's-60's
B204 Faith Minded McClure 40's-50's
B205 Willing Workers Crocker 50's-60's
B206 B.A.S.I.C. Salomon 40's-50's
B207 Vessels/Faithbuilders Parra 40's-50's
B209 Equippers Barnes 40's-50's
B210 Abundant Joy Watkins 50's-60's
Lighthouse S.A.M. Shaw 40's-50's
C101 Omega Dietz 60's-70's
C103 Trailblazers Watters 70's-80's
C105a B.Y.K.O.T.A. Tillison 50's-60's (Women)
C109 Brothers Farley 60's-70's (Men)
C110 Logos/Beatitudes Garrett 60's-70's (Women)
C112 Faith In His Will Davis/Gartin 40's-50's
WC208 Melting Pot Buchanan 50's-60's
WC210 Single-Minded Young/McLaughlin Singles Co-ed
WC211 Ramirez 25's-35's (Singles)
WC212 Sisters of Faith Graswich 50's-60's (Women)
WC213 Connecting Journeys Dimsdle 30's-40's
WC Prayer Room Deaf Ministry Tribble All


Children & Students

FRIENDS Special Needs

Our "Special Needs" Class is located in room 105 of Building B and available at the 9:00 & 10:30am hours. Please contact, Rosa Minx at (972) 222-6024, or click here for more information about the class.